We understand in today’s world privacy is a big concern. We are serious and committed to protect your privacy- your name- phone number and e-mail address.  If we do not have your business we will never send you unsolicited- emails or offers. Our website collects cookie same as any website today- we have no control how to stop or force it to not collect your cookies, but this is all it collects. Anything you share with us it will stay between you and us. We are loyal, friendly and honest, and we expect to receive the same treatment.
Thank you.

This privacy is cat aproved. cat-aproved


We must be made aware if anyone else has access to your house. We will make a contract with you- because we do not want any loss that inquires while we have the key to be considered our responsibility.
If your cat likes to roam outside we can not take care of it, but it might be possible to find a solution.
We do not take care of dogs as dogs are different and difficult to control than cats.

You are responsible for pet proofing your house prior to leaving your cat alone. 

If emergency is necessary you must agree to let us bring your pet to a veterinarian.

You will discuss with us and siclose if your pet has special needs as we might not be the best to be left in care.

Pet Sitter Cats Only

  • We offer pet sitting service in our area
  • Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley, Costa Mesa, Santa Ana, Westminster
  • Pet sitting at your house or ours