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Please send your cute cat pictures for exposing them to the internet. The cats that will get most hits will receive a prize.

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Make your cat a STAR!

We are looking for movies, and pictures with cats for this website. We will enter your cat in a competiton and will be giving away prizes like food for one year or toys or playing trees - cats only.

We love cats as much as you do and will be more than happy to host your pictures in our website. Later will make compilations and if your cat isfunny we will print greeting cards. Not only Grumpy cat can be a start your cat too.


There are few story in the world about cat and how smart are they but you must understand that cats are far superior dogs. I know, dog owners will be upset but tell me do you see a dog on a pedestal? Do you really think that Egyptian Pharaohs were ignorant to believe that cats deserve to be adulated, love and worshiped. Cats are far superior to any animal, just because they do not want to be our slaves doesn't mean they are stupid, contrary they know what is best for them. Cats also do not let us pick up after them - they are equal to us.
Why cats were considered so special? First off, they have few disease that are transmitted to human. Second they eradicate rodents. Third - how many times a Cat killed a human and how many times a dog killed a human. The fact that humans are harmed and killed by dogs makes my skin crawl. From Wikipedia it seem that in united states 5 million of dog attacks occur every year.
How is this possible? In other countries are stray dogs on the street and they do not attack as much as they attack here where get shelter and food. And then too many people are dying from those attacks too.
Cats have killed people through infection and few accidents from sleeping on a baby face (I doubt it but well someone said that it happened) but how many times did you found a cat attacking a human? ZERO.
They have sharp claws, sharp teeth but never in history of man kind a cat killed a human. Plus cats very rarely have rabies and only if they were bitten but a sick dog. So as you can see cat owner are smarter because their choice in a domestic animal that cuddle, it is sweet to be petted and brings a lot of calm being a stress reliever.
Please share your story with us as we will be posting in our website and send us your pictures too.



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