More About Good Cats, Bad Habits?

Not always the cat habits are the bad ones you might have bad habits and the cat need to tell you that!

As an owner of a cat I can probably share with you many stories that for me were funny or interesting.
Not all cats are alike, and since cats are mysterious beings- here are just few pointers I can really offer.
Clean House- Clean Litter
One of the interesting fact I observed in my long life (which seem short looking back-where my years went by?) is that cats do not like a house unkept.
“You are kidding me?” Says the person that just read this article, they lay on dirt outside, smell their buts and don’t like a house that is not kept spotless?
How strange might sound to you- cats hate a house untidy- the first sign is that they will start peeing and pooping outside the box. So it is not enough that you had a rough time this week and didn’t had time to vacuum and put all the things where belong- the cat makes it worse – and now the smell enters in everything in that room.
What can you do?
Do not hit the cat- that ball of fur is your own honest critic. Clean the house and change the litter box as often as possible. And a secret which I share with everyone, do not use the sand for litter box, use “Yesterday paper” is a brand of litter made from paper. It absorbs all the smell and is easy to clean than the sand.
Play with little one

Now that you solved the problems with peeing outside the box, lets be nice to our furry kid and play with him/her.

They need to play and feel love once in a while, just few minutes a day they will be forever grateful.

Pet the cat while on the toilet (Oh yeah?)
Do not- and I repeat DO NOT push the cat out of the bathroom when you use the facility? They love when you are sitting on the throne- they feel you close with them (lower in heights) and they love being petted. Some people need privacy for a good morning constitution, but hey you wanted a cat now deal with it.

Pay Attention- Cats always ask permission – but you don’t know it.

Pay attention to his face and what he is doing- because your cat in the beginning asks permission. If you ignore the cat will take ignorance as a YES answer to do what they want to do.
Our cat used to stretch put his claws on the leather chair and look at us. We move the head left to right and said No, No, he tried again just to see how much he can push the dare and of course we raised our voices and said “No Pickle ) (use their name too) . The claws got retracted in little paws and the cat moved along.

Give treats to your cat don’t be stingy
Your cat doesn’t have hands, can not open cupboards, doesn’t have money and can’t go to the grocery store to buy treats. Imagine yourself in the cat’s paws. Would you prefer the same food over and over for the rest of your short life, or would you like a treat once in a while.
I can hear you wining “But is so expensive”. Really? When you paid $3 for a coffee wasn’t expensive, you pay $3 and have treats for one week. it costs a whole $12 for a month of treats. My, my be careful to not break the bank and file for bankruptcy.

Is not OK to feed your cat dry food only
You may be forgetting from biology class, but there is no excuse- now that you have the internet, but cats are CARNIVOROUS, this mean MEAT only. The cat is considered by scientists to be a strict carnivore and after you own a cat you will find that the scientist is right. Please indulge your little furry kid with wet food, made mainly from meat- as their digestive system doesn’t like to much wheat (nowadays even humans have problems with gluten). People from rescue center might tell you do not feed your cat wet food, I am telling you; you should, because you can’t make your cat a vegetarian even if you are one, plus this was your decision, cat decision is MEAT.

My Kitty bites my knee (softly) when I am ready to feed her/him, why?
Well you should be flattered, this means KISS in cat language. My cat is doing this every day. I love my cat very much so I am hugging and kiss him every day. He understood that people like kiss and hugs so he hugs my leg with his paws and gentle bite my knee if I am wearing a dress or short pants. I find this quite flattering. So be gentle do not hit, or push him/her it is only a sign of great love.

Advice from the cat:

25 Things to do and have a better life.

1.) Brush twice a day.

2.) Dress right for the weather.

3.) Visit the dentist regularly.

4.) Get plenty of rest.

5.) Make sure your hair is dry before going outside.

6.) Eat right.

7.) Get outside in the sun every once in a while.

8.) Always wear a seatbelt.

9.) Control your drinking of alcoholic beverages.

10.) Smile! It will make you feel better.

11.) Don't over indulge yourself.

12.) Bathe regularly.

13.) Read to exercise the brain.

14.) Surround yourself with friends.

15.) Stay away from too much caffeine.

16.) Use the bathroom regularly.

17.) Get plenty of exercise.

18.) Have your eyes checked regularly.

19.) Eat plenty of vegetables.

20.) Believe that people will like you for who you are.

21.) Forgive and forget.

22.) Take plenty of vacations.

23.) Celebrate all special occasions.

24.) Pick up a hobby.

25.) Love your neighbor as yourself.

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