Good Cats Bad Habits

On this page we will speak about Cats Habits the meaning and how to solve the problem.

You must to understand your cat, and your cat will understand you.

Trying to understand your cat behavior will help you to have a good cat. Don't forget that cats offer you unconditioned love.

What should You do?

Be observant
Watch your cat’s ears, tail, body posture, his eyes, the sounds he makes.
A tail waving and bouncing step display joy, while a horizontal, display displeasure or preparation to hunt. A fluffy tail and arch back show fear, or position of fight.
Cats are very territorial so if someone enters in their zone please expect a fight.
Vocalizing: Watch your cat vocalizing and try to understand the sound. A meow long is a begging for going out or wanting food if is an indoor cat. They like to speak with you, even if they are quiet usual.
A cat when suffer will show to you vocalizing a long meow a hiss and the ears are backwards.

Be vocal.

Your cat will pay attention to the tone of your voice. Explain things to your cats as you explain to your kids. Even if you think that the cat doesn’t understand your words, they will understand if you lecture or your praise or calm the cat.

Be consistent

You must correct your cat when she behave bad, if you do not correct it right away she will never understand why are you doing certain things.
Please treat your cat like a kid; kids always think that if you are indulgent once you always will be.

Be aware.

If your cat is coming to you when you use the toilet do not push it, pet him. When he touch your leg while in kitchen he want treats, or food, do not punish your cat he show his love to you.
Be gentle, even if cats will never leave the house where are abused, think again that she /he offers you his unconditional love even if you abuse it, and show less affection.

Scratching Furniture

Is only normal, healthy cats need to groom themselves, scratching is part of grooming, cleaning their nails. Our cat, scratches only one chair in kitchen, and nothing else in house. Please buy a scratch post if you don’t want to destroy any piece of furniture. Stay with your cat as long as possible, and the moment starts scratching take the cat to the scratch post. Do not move the scratch post keep it in one place all the time. If you tell the cat NO very firm, and move her/him to the scratching post will learn to use it.
When she/he uses the scratching post verbalize “Good Boy!” Good Girl” Bravo, things like this.

Be patient:
Learning new behavior takes time. Don’t be discouraged. Every behavior takes time to change.

Be available.
If your cat wants your company, give it. Pet him, brush him, feed him and talk to him.

Health and diet.
Watch your cat eating behavior, to observe any changes that mean illness.
Did you knew that your cat when is in pain is quiet, and hides in dark places, like bathrooms, next to water.
Drinking water is normal; some cats drink more while other drinks none. Some cats get their water from wet food.
Feed your cat wet food to avoid a disaster.

Don’t forget that cats are feline, and before being domesticated they used to hunt. Now they have food without work out, so they spend less energy. An obese cat is more exposed to getting sick then a slim cat. (Mine is obese my fault)

Disease that cat can develop if using to much dry food.

*Fatty Liver Disease
*Dental Disease
*Renal Failure and Urinary Tract Disease
*Inflammatory Bowel Disease

We think that if you come to my website you care for your cat. If you care for him/her then pay a little more and offer your cat wet food. From wet food she can get the nutrients and the water. Also try to buy not the cheap wet food which will be made from grains and meat, but the one where is more real meat.


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