About Us

We are a semi retired couple that loves animals and mostly cats very much. We have loved and groomed and taking care of many cats in our life, and we consider ourselves kind of grandparents for any pet. Our neighbors used our services and know us very well as the couple that always take care of a stray cat and spend money on treats.
Since we are semiretired and we love animals so much we wanted to offer our services for a reasonable fee. We can both benefit of this relationship.
Since our maturity brought us understanding on some situations of life we understand how any parent of a pet thinks. When we went in our travels we could not let our loving cat to spend a week or more in a cage, he was always our little spoiled kid, which never graduate and stay home with us forever.
Please do not hesitate to use our services, we are responsible mature individual which respect their words and will never hurt or offend your baby pet.
We will meet before you use our services so we can get to know your cat. Meeting is free of charge.

A neighbors Cat.


Cats Only

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